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  • High-Tech Visas Under Debate Regarding Immigration

    10 April 2013 High-Tech Visas Under Debate Regarding Immigration

    Immigration is a critical subject currently, as the white house pursues to reach a deal that satisfies all sides. One of the issues that has risen within the debate are high-tech visas. It appears it is now rising many concerns, as even senators make their responses to the visa topic. Fox News reported yesterday that senators are debating over whether to increase visa accessibility to high-tech workers. Also, the dispute is over how to discipline companies that train these workers in the US, then send them back overseas to continue working. Senator Dick Durbin is one of the main senators involved. ...

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  • Best Beaches To Travel For 2013

    07 March 2013 Best Beaches To Travel For 2013

    We are already in March and the Summer is almost upon us. This is the time where most people around the world take time out of their busy schedule and take a much needed vacation. There is no point in waiting to start planning your beautiful, long-awaited vacation. The time is now to set in motion your trip of a lifetime. One of the favorite places to travel for a vacation is no other than the beach. With crystal clear waters, bright blue skies and brown sand beneath your feet, the beach provides an atmosphere perfect for relaxation and fun. Below ...

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  • Britain To Offer Same-Day Visa To Indian Businessmen And Students

    27 February 2013 Britain To Offer Same-Day Visa To Indian Businessmen And Students

    Getting a visa ordinarily could take some time receive, however, countries are pursuing to make the visa process faster and faster. Britain is one of them and has even announced they will offer visas in the same day. The Indo Asian News Service has reported British Prime Minister David Cameron announced a new same-day visa for India. The new visa is geared to attract more Indian businessmen and investors to Britain. "We have the biggest visa operations anywhere in the world right here in India. I announce that we are going to introduce for businesses a 'same-day visa' service to those who want ...

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  • TSA Removing Non-Privacy Body Scanners From Airports Nationwide

    22 January 2013 TSA Removing Non-Privacy Body Scanners From Airports Nationwide

    TSA has pursued continual security improvements since 9/11 to keep travelers safe. However, many people have felt some security measures like the use of graphic airport body scanners, violates privacy and goes a little too far. As of later this year, TSA is going to change that. TSA has announced they will remove airport body scanners that reveal graphic images of travelers' bodies in June 2013. The body scanners received much criticism while in use. TSA has pursued to solve the problem with the backscatter machines by having their contracted manufacturer, Rapiscan, upgrade them with privacy software. Rapiscan informed the TSA ...

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  • New Thailand And Cambodia Single-Entry Visa

    08 January 2013 New Thailand And Cambodia Single-Entry Visa

    A single-entry visa is not just going to be held by the European Union any longer. A couple of small countries have decided to join in and see how effective it can be for higher tourism for both of them. Thailand and Cambodia have launched a single-entry visa into their countries. The Asia News Network reported that Thailand and Cambodia have released the launching what is currently known as the Acmecs Single Visa. It is the Asean version of the European Union's Schengen Visa scheme. The Acmecs, the Ayeyawady-Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy, is made up of five countries, which include ...

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  • Will New Mexico Be Required Passport To Fly Domestically?

    26 December 2012 Will New Mexico Be Required Passport To Fly Domestically?

    It may sound foreign for a resident of the US to be required to have a passport domestically, however, it may very well be the case in the state of New Mexico.  It is becoming a reality for many of their residents that in 2013 this could happen. In 2005, The Real ID Act was created by Congress to modify US federal law regarding security, authentication, and issuance procedures for state driver's licenses and ID cards.  The Secretary of Homeland Security defined the official purposes for driver's licenses and state ID's is to be used for entry into government buildings, nuclear ...

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  • Great Tips For Holiday Travel!

    06 December 2012 Great Tips For Holiday Travel!

    The holiday season is here and people are gearing up to visit their beloved families and friends. This is the time in which we tend to travel the most. Thanksgiving was already projected by AAA to increase for the fourth consecutive year in the US. Traveling will increase as Christmas and New Year's Day approaches. Travelers will also to enjoy a change of scenery right before the new year and take a vacation. Traveling in December will be congested, however, it does not have to be difficult. With the right tips, you can make the best of your holiday traveling. Per the ...

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  • Best Places To Travel In December

    26 November 2012 Best Places To Travel In December

    The holiday season is beautiful and is here once again. Thanksgiving and Christmas are considered by many the best time of the year. People receive their fill of gifts, laughs and the simple things, like enjoying those around us that mean the most. But there are also some great places to travel during December to make this the best holiday season ever. Traveling during the winter season can be more costly in warmer destinations, however, you can still find some places to go with some amazing deals. Below are some wonderful destinations to travel to in December. The Caribbeans - If you ...

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  • Philippines Announces Faster Visa Processing For Tourist Extensions

    13 November 2012 Philippines Announces Faster Visa Processing For Tourist Extensions

    Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park and the historic town of Vigan are just a few of the tourist attractions the Philippines has to offer.  The Philippines is a beautiful country to behold.  It has over 7,100 islands to choose from, which are full of rich lands and tropical climates.   Tourism is important there, and the country's government desires for it to grow. The country is seeking to create a higher level of tourism and has made a recent effort to make this a reality.  Yahoo News reported via GMA News that the Philippines Bureau of Immigration announces they will be instituting expediting ...

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  • Manila Philippines Opens Passport Processing Center

    31 October 2012 Manila Philippines Opens Passport Processing Center

    Manila is the capital city of the Philippines and has a lot to offer for tourism. Manila is known for many attractions, including the world's oldest Chinatown, the walled city of Intramuros, museum, and art. Now, Manila is also going be known by its' own citizens as the city they can come to when they need to government services to travel. The Department of Foreign Affairs opens a passport processing center in Manila at SM (Super Mall) City Manila reported the Yahoo News via the Manila Bulletin. The location of the NCR-West satellite office is strategically located within the Super Mall, ...

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