Britain To Offer Same-Day Visa To Indian Businessmen And Students

Getting a visa ordinarily could take some time receive, however, countries are pursuing to make the visa process faster and faster. Britain is one of them and has even announced they will offer visas in the same day.

The Indo Asian News Service has reported British Prime Minister David Cameron announced a new same-day visa for India. The new visa is geared to attract more Indian businessmen and investors to Britain. “We have the biggest visa operations anywhere in the world right here in India. I announce that we are going to introduce for businesses a ‘same-day visa’ service to those who want to come and invest in our country,” said Cameron while in Mumbai. This is a strategic move by Britain and may prove to pay off.

The British economy is beginning to shows signs of recovery and they are extending their hand to India. “We want the Indian government to continue to open up trade barriers and make it easier to do business here. We have to ensure that just as we welcome the Indian investments into Britain, it is easier for British companies like banking, retail and others to invest in this vibrant and fast growing economy,” Cameron said. Britain is also looking to reduce trade barriers between the two countries as well.Prime Minister Cameron also stated there will be no limit to the entry of Indian students into Britain to study at its’ universities and schools. Indian students will be free to stay in Britain at any length of time and work in graduate-level jobs after they complete all qualifications to remain there. This is a big step for Britain, as the country is pursuing to strengthen their partnership with India via education.

The same day visa could be ground breaking for both countries. Indian businessmen will be able to start businesses in Britain and share their expertise with one another. Cameron also referred to India as one of the great powers in the world relative to economy. This could very well be a pattern for other countries as they see the benefits of expediting their visa process.

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Best Places To Travel In December

The holiday season is beautiful and is here once again. Thanksgiving and Christmas are considered by many the best time of the year. People receive their fill of gifts, laughs and the simple things, like enjoying those around us that mean the most. But there are also some great places to travel during December to make this the best holiday season ever.

Traveling during the winter season can be more costly in warmer destinations, however, you can still find some places to go with some amazing deals. Below are some wonderful destinations to travel to in December.

The Caribbeans – If you are looking for hot spots, the Caribbeans are a perfect destination to travel to in December. The weather in these countries are hot and sunny year-round due to being close to the tropical line. Whether it is Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic, any of those locations will be excellent choices. Traveling costs to the Caribbeans is not expensive as well.

Western Ireland – The Hunt Museum in Limarick and the Bunratty Castle are just a couple of sites to see in Western Ireland. It has popular walking trails and plenty of history. The shores and mountains of Galway Bay are breathtaking. Galway City, also known as City of The Tribes, is a beautiful university town. It has a medieval culture, with horse racing and festivals. Westpoint is a colorful town, full of shopfronts and restaurants as well.

Greece – The european historical country is excellent for romance and for family vacations. There is the famous Feast of Saint Nicholas on December 6th of each year. In Athens, they Syntagma Square will have a decorated Christmas tree. You can visit the Acropolis in Athens, which is the greatest landmark of Greece. There are many historical sites of ancient Rome. Skiing can also be enjoyed in Greece during December, which is when the ski season begins.

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Top Valentine Day Travel Getaways

The new year 2012 has just begun, and already the most romantic holiday right around the corner.  Valentine’s Day is a time when many expressions of love are given through memorable gifts and the reddest of roses.  However, many individuals desire to go beyond the normal patterns of giving gifts and do some traveling.  There is nothing comparable to a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway.  If you are looking to surprise your spouse or loved one with a getaway for Valentine’s Day, there are some great places to go and see.

One place to travel on Valentine’s Day is Arizona.  The state is turning 100 years old on February 14th and there are bound to be celebrations for this momentus occasion.  The state is full of attractions, not to mention it’s sunny weather. If you are seeking to travel somewhere warm and stay in the United States, Arizona is the place.  Another destination to visit would be Churchill, Manitoba.  This year will be the most scenic time for visibility for the Northern Lights in 50 years!  It will be a wonderful experience.  Mexico, Bermuda, and Colombia are also great getaways for their beautiful beaches and low cost of travel.  Last but not least, Paris is the city of love and known all over the world for its’ romantic appeal.  With Valentine’s Day landing on a Tuesday, it’s a perfect travel time to catch some amazing mid-week deals and opportunities to save money.

Enjoying a getaway a great way to make this year a Valentine’s Day to remember.  While you are making your plans and deciding on your destination, do not forget to become informed of any visa and/or passport requirements your destination may have.  If you do not have the proper travel documents you need, companies likes Washington Express Visas can help you.  Washington Express Visas specializes in expedited Visa Services and Passport Processing and Document Authentication.

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H1-B Work Visas Still Available

Recent reports is that H1-B Work Visas are still available in the United States. There is a cap of 49,200 work visas that can be filed each year. The number of filings have steadily increased per month, with last month numbers at 19,100. Currently, the cap is not close to being met with 15,900 visas still not filed in 2011.

The H1-B visa is the most commonly used work visa for newly hired professionals. Most notably in professions such as engineering, IT, scientists, and business. The US Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) caps all entries for this visa on April 1st of each year. They continue until that cap is reached. There is no cut-off date or deadlines for filing, it is just the issue of what year your filing with be grouped with. Therefore, if a worker files after April 1st, their H1-B Visa will be grouped with the 2012 cap.

Below is a list from the US Citizen and Immigration Services that shows a history of our yearly available H1-B Visas and when they were capped.

H1B Cap Numbers
Date H1B Cap Reached
October 1, 2003
October 1, 2004
August 10, 2005
May 26, 2006
April 3, 2007
April 7, 2008
December 21, 2009
January 26, 2011
Present – Currently Open


This year’s openings could possibly be due to less interest in working in the United States with recent employment challenges. Inspite of its’ challenges, The United States is still a viable competitor in the global market and the uncapped filings show there’s opportunity to work in America. Expedited visas service companies are a good resource that have the expertise and up-to-date visa knowledge to make your visa process easy. Companies, such as Washington Express Visas, can assist you receive your H1-B work visa in an expedited manner.


Business Visas to European Non-Schengen Countries

Getting a business-related visa to England can be very difficult.  Below is an account of an obstacle that our team at Washington Express Visas encountered and over came for one our clients.

Our client had an important meeting set up of international computer scientists in London. The meeting was set up at short notice. One very interested potential participant is a Russian National researcher, Mike*, a PhD in computer science. Mike works at a University of Michigan. He works with two other Russians at this university. All three have green cards. His two colleagues have visas to the United Kingdom that are still valid. He needs to get a visa fast.  Approval of an English Visas usually takes 3 to 4 weeks. Peter needs to have his visa process expedited. Peter has to perform  many different task in order to complete his visa application: biometrics, detailed forms, an complete an appointment at the English Embassy. He completes all the necessary requirements to  get his visas approved quickly, and it is approved.  Then something strange happens – the visa is rescinded. Mike attempts to  find out formally what happened. But informally, the British agent was  told that this person seemed to me looking for a national to marry so that he could get citizenship, thus they rescinded the Visa.  How that all came together in the rejection/the rescinding of his visa to the United Kingdom highlights how difficult the mysterious getting a visa sometimes be.  Our visa team was able to find out what the objection was to the approval and worked with the proper authorities to get the Mike’s visa approved in time for him to make his meeting in London.

That is why you need a skilled team of experts to assist you in navigating the complexities of obtaining your visas.  Our team has the experience and relationships to assist in obtaining an expedited visa.  With Washington Express Visas expedited visa and passport services, our professional visa and passport services staff will have one of our specially trained messengers take your visa and passport processing documents to the appropriate Embassy or agency and get your documents processed properly for less than traditional visa and passport processing services charge.

* Names and work have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.  The blog is to used only to illustrate a point.