Best Beaches To Travel For 2013

We are already in March and the Summer is almost upon us. This is the time where most people around the world take time out of their busy schedule and take a much needed vacation.

There is no point in waiting to start planning your beautiful, long-awaited vacation. The time is now to set in motion your trip of a lifetime. One of the favorite places to travel for a vacation is no other than the beach. With crystal clear waters, bright blue skies and brown sand beneath your feet, the beach provides an atmosphere perfect for relaxation and fun. Below are a few of the top beaches to visit in 2013.

Miami Beach – Miami Beach is one of the most attractive beaches in the world. Located near the Pacific Ocean, it is embedded in the tropical climate, as other caribbean countries. It is also a top location for tourism worldwide very summer. It tends to be a great choice for travelers who reside in the US seeking an inexpensive getaway to the beach also. The city of Miami Beach is within driving distance to the Floriday Keys, therefore, you can explore all that Florida has to offer.

Palawan Beach – Palawan Beach is located in the Phillipines and is fascinating to behold. It is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. The island there is covered with rich rain forest vegatation and has a variety of beaches to visit. It has natural attractions to see such as blue lagoons, canoe trips through caves, and waterfalls. El Nido is held by tourists as one of most recommended popular resorts while you vacation there.

Cabo San Lucas Beach – This beautiful beach is found in no other than one of the world’s most popular tourist countries for vacation – Mexico. It has a location called Lover’s Beach and is perfect place to travel for honeymoons. It also has the well-known Arch of Poseidon, a stone mountain monument created by water and wind. It is truely heavenly being on this breathtaking beach and its’ hot weather. There are many activities the beach has to offer such as jet skiing, diving, parasailing, and banana races.

Beaches Of The Dominican Republic – This country offers a number of beaches in the Caribbean that you will absolutely adore. The climate is sunny year-round and is not expensive to travel to. You can enjoy the tropical weather, palm trees mountains, golf courses, salsa dancing, and more. It has the tourist city of artists called Altos de Chavon. You will really experience culture when you visit this beach with such places like their archaeological museum as well.

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Will New Mexico Be Required Passport To Fly Domestically?

It may sound foreign for a resident of the US to be required to have a passport domestically, however, it may very well be the case in the state of New Mexico.  It is becoming a reality for many of their residents that in 2013 this could happen.

In 2005, The Real ID Act was created by Congress to modify US federal law regarding security, authentication, and issuance procedures for state driver’s licenses and ID cards.  The Secretary of Homeland Security defined the official purposes for driver’s licenses and state ID’s is to be used for entry into government buildings, nuclear plants, and also air flights.  Most states have complied with the Real ID Act, but some have not.  States that have not complied, were given extensions until the January 2013 deadline.  New Mexico is one of the rare states that does meet the minimum requirements of the Real ID Act.  The state does not require proof of citizenship to obtain a driver license there.

The reason it is such an issue for New Mexico is because the same driver’s license a person can receive in the state, is all an individual needs to pass through security at the Albuquerque Sunport Airport.  This is current procedure in New Mexico, but it appears it may change.  New Mexicans may in fact have to provide a valid passport, along with their driver’s license to fly reported KOB Eyewitness News, one of the news stations in the state.  To offer clarity to the issue, New Mexico Governor Susan Martinez told KOB that she is not aware of any other additional identification than a passport to get through airport security after the Real ID Act takes effect.

A Sunport airport spokesperson stated in the report, “Neither the Sunport nor local Transportation Security Administration officials have received any guidance from the Department of Homeland Security on how to deal with passengers who do not hold a Real ID compliant driver’s license after the implementation date. Additionally, there is some confusion regarding whether or not the January 15, 2013 deadline mandates that individuals are actually required to hold Real ID compliant licenses or if there is a later deadline for individuals. We are working with the state and local TSA to try and receive a definitive answer from DHS as to the impact this will have on our customers and how we can eliminate or minimize any travel disruptions.”

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Philippines Announces Faster Visa Processing For Tourist Extensions

Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park and the historic town of Vigan are just a few of the tourist attractions the Philippines has to offer.  The Philippines is a beautiful country to behold.  It has over 7,100 islands to choose from, which are full of rich lands and tropical climates.   Tourism is important there, and the country’s government desires for it to grow.

The country is seeking to create a higher level of tourism and has made a recent effort to make this a reality.  Yahoo News reported via GMA News that the Philippines Bureau of Immigration announces they will be instituting expediting visas for tourists who desire to extend their stay.  BI Commissioner Ricardo David Jr stated in a news release, “We should extend the most efficient service to these tourists, many of whom end up engaging in businesses here that generate jobs for our people”.  He also stated it will “further improve efficiency, accountability and transparency” in the agency’s frontline services.

Commissioner David will be directly overseeing the initiative to ensure all applications for extensions are handled as quickly as possible.  With many countries worldwide pursuing economic improvements, the Bureau of Immigration is sensitive to what tourism can do for the country.  Non-restricted foreign nationals or those that do not require entry visas into the Philippines, will continue to have their visa extensions processed as normal.

The Philippines Department of Tourism states that tourists can visit the Philippines without a visa for travel 21 days or less.  This is if the tourist has a passport valid at least 6 months and a return ticket or ticket to another destination other than the Philippines.  Amazingly enough, it is the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world because of its’ history of American influence.  Therefore, US citizens seeking to travel there will not have a language barrier issue.

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U.S. Announces Online Application For Passport Cards

As of 2012, reports have found over 110 million of United States citizens possess a passport.  This is one-third of the total US population and a record number for the world giant.  Due to further attempts to make travel as safe as possible, this record indicates passports are being viewed by many now as a necessity for travel.

The US Department of State continues to help passport holders ability to travel and has announced a pilot program of an online application for passport cards.  It will be valid for 10 years.  This card can be used to travel from the US into nearby countries such as the Caribbeans, Bermuda, Canada and Mexico.  It can not be used for international travel via air, therefore, travelers can turn to companies like Washington Express Visas to meet their standard and expedited passport needs.The requirements for eligibility reported to enter into the pilot passport card program are below:

  • Must be 16 years of age of older
  • Valid, 10 year U.S. passport book
  • At least 12 months of validity remaining on your passport book before expiration
  • U.S. or Canadian mailing address
  • E-mail address

There are some other measures taken in the process of identity confirmation.  The online application will request information such as your social security number, mother’s maiden name, the emergency contact name and full permanent address on your most recent previous passport application.  Also, the online application is secure with encryption technology and e-signature is required.

If the new program is successful, the greatest benefits will be the saving of what everyone desires when it comes to passports−money and time.  There will be the elimination of postage costs for mailing and the application is available 24 hours/7days a week online.  The pilot is scheduled for a 90-day trial (January 24 to April 22), after which, it will be analyzed for merit to becoming implemented permanently.

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New 2012 Visa Requirements For Tourism In Turkey

Turkey has released there will be new visa requirements for tourists in 2012.  Beginning in February, visitors will only be able to stay in the country for up to 90 days within a 180 day period.  This will also affect traveling of extended cruisers who will have to exit the country now, opposed to simply renewing in Rhodes.  The change appears to be coming right before the main tourist season hits next year.The visa change is definitely informative, considering Turkey takes violating visa regulations very seriously. A violator can be fined upon departure, and the fine amount may be determined the be length of time overstayed. An individual can even be banned from re-entering Turkey if they overstay and are fined. Also if this occurs, a tourist will have to apply for their next visa at the Turkey Embassy or Consulate overseas.

Turkey is one of the highest traveled countries in the world today.  Over 23 million people visit Turkey every year.  The country is traveled by many for its’ diverse history, culture, and yachting, which is a favorite due to 5200 mile coastline.  If you are considering traveling there and need a visa, Washington Express Visas expedited visa and passport services can assist you in obtaining the most current visa needs.

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