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  • TSA Removing Non-Privacy Body Scanners From Airports Nationwide

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    22 January 2013 TSA Removing Non-Privacy Body Scanners From Airports Nationwide

    TSA has pursued continual security improvements since 9/11 to keep travelers safe. However, many people have felt some security measures like the use of graphic airport body scanners, violates privacy and goes a little too far. As of later this year, TSA is going to change that. TSA has announced they will remove airport body scanners that reveal graphic images of travelers' bodies in June 2013. The body scanners received much criticism while in use. TSA has pursued to solve the problem with the backscatter machines by having their contracted manufacturer, Rapiscan, upgrade them with privacy software. Rapiscan informed the TSA ...

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  • New Thailand And Cambodia Single-Entry Visa

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    08 January 2013 New Thailand And Cambodia Single-Entry Visa

    A single-entry visa is not just going to be held by the European Union any longer. A couple of small countries have decided to join in and see how effective it can be for higher tourism for both of them. Thailand and Cambodia have launched a single-entry visa into their countries. The Asia News Network reported that Thailand and Cambodia have released the launching what is currently known as the Acmecs Single Visa. It is the Asean version of the European Union's Schengen Visa scheme. The Acmecs, the Ayeyawady-Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy, is made up of five countries, which include ...

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  • Letter From the CEO

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    18 June 2010 Letter From the CEO

    Since 1981, Washington Express has been serving our loyal corporate and professional clients in the Metro DC area with pride for courier service, documents certification, visa processing, Capitol Hill line standing, and rush international shipping. Our goal is to always exceed expectations in order to show our dedication to professionalism and efficiency to those who have used our services. Globalization has steadily increased demand on the part of clients for services related to international business and travel. With the addition of Andrew (Smiley) KatambaLujjo to our staff as our new resident to work alongside Paul Hofford, our longtime resident expert, ...

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