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What you will need: 

Please visit the Pakistan Embassy website to apply.

What you will need: 

Please visit the Pakistan Embassy website to apply.

Pakistan Consular Fees:

  • Tourist visa: $192
  • Business visa: $324

Washington Express Service/Fees:

  • Regular Service (4-8 weeks): $285

See our Price List for detailed information about Service Fees and Shipping information.

*Please note, you can also fill out and submit your application for free (excluding embassy fees) by visiting the  Pakistan Embassy website. We have no affiliation with any government embassy or agency.

Forward Documents To:
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We ask that you send the documents listed above via FedEx or UPS so the delivery can be tracked. Please call us at 202-393-3030 to let us know that your documents have been sent. See our Price List for detailed information about Service Fees and Shipping information.

Vaccination against Yellow Fever required if arriving within 6 days after leaving or transiting countries with endemic areas or infected areas.

Exempt from Yellow Fever vaccination:

– Those not leaving the airport in the yellow fever infected countries.
– Transit passengers who continue their journey by same or connecting aircraft without leaving the airport.

-Children under 6 months if the mother’s vaccination certificate shows that she has been duly vaccinated prior to  the birth of the child.

– Malaria prophylaxis. Malaria risk exists throughout the year  in the whole country below 2000 m. Chloroquine and sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine-resistant P.falciparum reported.
Recommended prevention: IV.

  • Passports and/or passport replacing documents must be valid on arrival.

    Admission and Transit Restrictions:

    – Admission refused to holders of emergency and temporary passports.

    Visa required, except for Holders of a Pakistan Origin Card (POC) or a National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis(NICOP), regardless of nationality, for an unlimited period of stay.

    Visa Issuance:
    – On arrival: if required, for a max. stay of 30 days, travelling for business purposes to nationals of U.S.A., provided:
    a. arriving at Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar or Quetta airports; and
    b. holding one of the following documents:
    For details, click here

    Additional Information:

    – Visitors must hold tickets and documents required for their next destination.  Exempt are holders of a Pakistan Origin Card (POC), holders of a National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP), holders of passports containing a “Visa exempt” stamp issued by Pakistan and passengers having dual nationality and using Pakistan passport;
    – Those nationals whose stay in Pakistan exceeds 30 days must report to the Immigration Head Office for registration before the expiration of this 30 days’ period;

    – exempt are holders of National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP); Warning:
    – Non-compliance with the entry regulations will result in deportation of passengers.

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