Looking for an Apostille Service?

It’s no surprise that Apostille Services have become more abundant in our current society given how many Americans are moving to other countries. It used to be rare that you would find an American pack up their life and move to a different country and now it is very common. Being born in the United States no longer means that you are likely to spend your whole life here and often Americans are moving to other countries for job opportunities. Other reasons you may need Apostille Service is because Americans are traveling to adopt a child or have planned extended vacations in other countries.

Because of this Washington Express Visas offers Document Legalization services. Many people refer to this service as “Authentication” or “Apostille” service. Apostille comes from the French word that means “certification.” At Washington Express Visas, we will have one of our specially trained document legalization agents hand-carry your legal documents to the DC Notary & Authentication office (if required), the State Department Authentication office and then to the appropriate Embassy. We will have your documents processed accurately, quickly, and for a price far less than other visa or document services. We also offer same day pick-up and delivery to and from your DC office.

We recognize the document legalization can be arduous and we are here to help! We would hate for you to miss a trip or have to delay your move to another country because your documents did not arrive on time. We want to make the process easier and faster for you.

If you would like to learn more about our authentication and apostille services, call us at 877-675-5571. Please also feel free to contact us for a quote!  We would love to help you prepare for your trip and make sure your documents are all set before you leave!