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Embassy Document Services

We understand that navigating different Embassies can be difficult especially because not all of the Embassies have the same guidelines. Sometimes you need your documents processed in a hurry but don’t’ have the time to do it. Washington Express Visas is here to help!

With Washington Express Visas expedited visa and passport services, our professional visa and passport services staff will have one of our specially trained visa agents take your visa and passport processing documents to the appropriate Embassy or agency and get your documents processed properly for less than traditional visa and passport processing services charge.  Click here to see our rate schedule for prices.  Your documents can be picked up and returned directly to your office, or you can send them to Washington Express Visas via FedEx or UPS.

Curious what Washington Express Visas has to its advantage?

  • Washington, DC based.
  • We are an SSP (Single Source Provider) – Tracking capabilities and technologies that integrate our services.
  • Agent Expertise with the Embassies and Department of State.
  • Experience – 30 years’ experience in Washington, DC.
  • We provide all cash and other fees up front for you so there are no delays in processing.

Our service fees include: application verification, processing & filing. We provide this service so that you can make sure that your application is complete and accurate before it gets submitted for approval. It is not a requirement to process your applications through us. Washington Express Visas is an experienced visa & document processing provider. We can help you complete your application timely and accurately in order to avoid delays. We can also file & process your application for you for a fee.

For more information on our Visa and Passport Processing services and Document Legalization, please call our visa service specialist at 202-393-3030 or 877-675-5571 or visas@washingtonexpressvisas.com.

Check out our video to learn even more about our services!