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  • Britain To Offer Same-Day Visa To Indian Businessmen And Students

    27 February 2013 Britain To Offer Same-Day Visa To Indian Businessmen And Students

    Getting a visa ordinarily could take some time receive, however, countries are pursuing to make the visa process faster and faster. Britain is one of them and has even announced they will offer visas in the same day. The Indo Asian News Service has reported British Prime Minister David Cameron announced a new same-day visa for India. The new visa is geared to attract more Indian businessmen and investors to Britain. "We have the biggest visa operations anywhere in the world right here in India. I announce that we are going to introduce for businesses a 'same-day visa' service to those who want ...

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  • Best Places To Travel In December

    26 November 2012 Best Places To Travel In December

    The holiday season is beautiful and is here once again. Thanksgiving and Christmas are considered by many the best time of the year. People receive their fill of gifts, laughs and the simple things, like enjoying those around us that mean the most. But there are also some great places to travel during December to make this the best holiday season ever. Traveling during the winter season can be more costly in warmer destinations, however, you can still find some places to go with some amazing deals. Below are some wonderful destinations to travel to in December. The Caribbeans - If you ...

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  • Top Valentine Day Travel Getaways

    06 February 2012 Top Valentine Day Travel Getaways

    The new year 2012 has just begun, and already the most romantic holiday right around the corner.  Valentine's Day is a time when many expressions of love are given through memorable gifts and the reddest of roses.  However, many individuals desire to go beyond the normal patterns of giving gifts and do some traveling.  There is nothing comparable to a romantic Valentine's Day getaway.  If you are looking to surprise your spouse or loved one with a getaway for Valentine's Day, there are some great places to go and see. One place to travel on Valentine's Day is Arizona.  The state ...

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  • H1-B Work Visas Still Available

    09 November 2011 H1-B Work Visas Still Available

    Recent reports is that H1-B Work Visas are still available in the United States. There is a cap of 49,200 work visas that can be filed each year. The number of filings have steadily increased per month, with last month numbers at 19,100. Currently, the cap is not close to being met with 15,900 visas still not filed in 2011. The H1-B visa is the most commonly used work visa for newly hired professionals. Most notably in professions such as engineering, IT, scientists, and business. The US Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) caps all entries for this visa on April 1st ...

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  • Business Visas to European Non-Schengen Countries

    10 November 2010 Business Visas to European Non-Schengen Countries

    Getting a business-related visa to England can be very difficult.  Below is an account of an obstacle that our team at Washington Express Visas encountered and over came for one our clients. Our client had an important meeting set up of international computer scientists in London. The meeting was set up at short notice. One very interested potential participant is a Russian National researcher, Mike*, a PhD in computer science. Mike works at a University of Michigan. He works with two other Russians at this university. All three have green cards. His two colleagues have visas to the United Kingdom that ...

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