Washington Express Visas & Documents is operating as normal. The U.S. Dept of State is no longer accepting documents for authentication from the public. All documents must be mailed in and will be returned via UPS or USPS.

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  • DOS Authentication Office Changes

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    11 September 2012 DOS Authentication Office Changes

    Effective Monday, September 17, 2012 The Office of Authentications will implement a new schedule for document review, drop-offs, pick-ups and appointments  We will offer same-day service for individuals and Emergency third parties by appointments only. DROP OFFS: Beginning September 17th, the Office of Authentications will begin performing document review and accepting document drop-offs between 8-9 AM, Monday – Friday (except Federal Holidays). Limit of 15 documents per customer per day. Only one submission a day. Documents will be ready up to 72 business hours. PICK UP: 8-9 AM, Monday-Friday (except Federal Holidays). APPOINTMENTS: We will start accepting requests for appointments on September 10th, 2012.  The telephone number will be posted ...

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  • Document Legalization – Apostille for Hague & Non Hague Countries

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    29 August 2011 Document Legalization – Apostille for Hague & Non Hague Countries

    Document Legalization for Non-Hague nations Some countries are not a party to the Hague convention.  The legalization process for these countries is lengthier than for Hague nations.  There are slight variations depending on country.  For instance, China requires a legalization form (G-1) to be filled out.  Other countries do not.  Some countries require an additional step, such as Chamber of Commerce certification.  In general though, legalization for Non-Hague nations is a four step process: Notarization,  Authentication of Notary signature.  This is usually done by the State Secretary of State.  (In some cases, Notary signature is authenticated by the County Clerk.),  U.S. Secretary ...

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  • Tips for Easy Visa Processing

    21 September 2010 Tips for Easy Visa Processing

    The visa processing agents at Washington Express Visas make the following simple suggestions to make your visa processing easy and trouble free: Make sure your passport is signed! Your passport is not considered valid unless it is signed. Check the identification, picture page of your passport. When applying for a visa, make sure that you have visa pages available – the Amendments and Endorsements pages at the end of your passport can not be used for visas. When applying for visa processing, ensure that you have a current recent photo and the photo (or photos are required for some visas) ...

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  • Document Legalization & Apostille Explained

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    11 August 2010 Document Legalization & Apostille Explained

    Document Legalization refers to the four-step process in which documents are certified as authentic or genuine prior to being used in countries that are not signatory (adjective form, not noun form) to the "Hague Convention". There are four standard steps needed to have a document recognized as legally binding and bona fide by foreign governments, agencies and corporations. These steps are as follows: The document is notarized by a public notary in the State of origin or in Washington, DC. The document is then certified by the Secretary of the State in which the document was notarized, ...

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