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Document Legalization

Washington Express Visas provides prompt and reliable document legalization, authentication and certification services.  We will have one of our specially trained document legalization agents hand-carry your legal documents to the DC Notary & Authentication office (if required), the State Department Authentication office and then to the appropriate Embassy. We will have your documents processed accurately, quickly, and for a price far less than other visa or document services. We also offer same day pick-up and delivery to and from your DC office.  The document legalization process can be confusing and frustrating and we’re here to make that process easier and faster as well. Washington Express Visas will save you time and provide peace of mind by staying in contact with you to let you know the status of any item you have in process with us and will notify you of any issues or delays.

Here is a basic overview of the Document Legalization process:

  • Legal documents intended for use in a country which is a member of the Hague Convention require an Apostille, which is Notarization and then State Secretary of State Certification.
  • Legal documents intended for use in a country which is not a member of the Hague convention require a Full Legalization (also known as Chain Authentication or Consularization), which is Notarization, State Secretary of State Certification, Federal Authentication, and then Embassy Legalization.

Washington Express Visas offers same day pick-up and expedited service for your document legalization and authentication needs.  We ensure that your documents are processed properly and efficiently, and for an affordable price.  Click here to see our rate schedule for prices.  The Document Legalization process can be confusing and frustrating, so we’re here to make that process easier and faster, to help relieve that burden.   Washington Express Visas can save you time and provide peace of mind by staying in constant contact and letting you know immediately of any problems or delays.

Need a document authenticated for one of these common countries? See our country specific pages for the procedures to follow for these Embassies.






 Burkina Faso


























 Saudi Arabia


 Sri Lanka






 United Arab Emirates


Many countries require that any document relating to shipping be legalized. Please contact us for further details.


Please complete the attached request form and credit card authorization form (if paying by credit card) and send along with your document to Washington Express Visas and Document Legalization.

In order to obtain legalization, we will need the original document. This needs to be a signed-and-notarized or a State-issued Document.

The Legalization processing time at the Embassies varies, but usually takes about 3 – 5 business days.

Documents requiring legalization will be processed through the appropriate Embassy consular office. In order for the document to be recognized by the Embassy, it first needs to be certified by the U.S. State Department. As part of our service, we can take your documents to the U.S. State Department and also advise you on their exact requirements before they will place their seal.

Still confused? Download our Document Legalization Flow Chart to better understand the process.

Download Our Document Legalization Flow Chart

Washington Express Visas Fees:

The fees for document legalization are as follows (not all fees will apply, depending on the type of document):

  • Notary Public – $10 (if necessary)
  • DC Notary & Authentications – $15 (if necessary)
  • US State Dept – $8 (2-3 business days processing)
  • WEX Visas & Documents fee Apostille or Authentication only – $125
  • Embassy – Fee Varies
  • WEX Visas & Documents fee – $170
  • WEX Visas & Documents fee (including Notary) – $210
  • WEX Visas & Documents Expedited fee (including Notary)- $245
  • WEX Visas & Documents fee (documents that need Secretary of State outside of DC if necessary) – $265
  • Copy fee – $3 Per page (copies of documents are required by many embassies)
  • Return FedEx shipping – $47.50 ( if you send your own return FedEx air bill, there is a $15 charge to hand-deliver to FedEx for scanning).  International shipping is additional.
  • Cash Layout Fee – 15% of layout amount


For more information on our Document Legalization and Translation services, please contact a Visa Services Agent at (202) 393-3030 or info@washingtonexpressvisas.com.

Forward Documents to:

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The Washington Express Visas Advantage

  • Washington, DC based.
  • We are an SSP (Single Source Provider) – Tracking capabilities and technologies that integrate our services.
  • Agent Expertise with the Embassies and Department of State.
  • Experience – 30 years experience in Washington, DC.
  • We provide all cash and other fees up front for you so there are no delays in processing.

**For security purposes,  Washington Express Visas  maintains a digitally scanned copy of all  client submissions and retains this as a permanent record in our stand-alone system, which is not connected in any way  to the internet.  This system was designed to meet the exacting international  security standards of an ISO 9001 provider.  As such, your private documents are kept secure and held in the strictest confidence at all times.   If you  prefer that we do not copy, scan, or retain a record of your documents, please inform us in writing at the time of your order request.