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Schengen Visa Requirements To Change February 2020

13 January 2020 | News

The Schengen visa allows travelers to travel to 26 European countries, 22 of them being a part of the European Union (EU) and has steadily increased in applicants every year. It has been considered hard to obtain but with the upcoming new rules being made by the EU, the Schengen Visa Code will regulate new visa issuance and benefits.


In May 2018, The EU adopted a proposal for the revision of Regulation (EC) No 810/2009 in order to strengthen the common visa policy and better regulate migration and security concerns. They believed the new proposal would facilitate procedures for frequent travelers to the Schengen Area and reward countries that collaborate in readmission of illegal migrants with easier visa procedures. And this past year, the proposal was given the green light.


All Schengen Visa applicants will be subject to the new Schengen Visa Code starting the first Monday of February 2020. Several other countries including Denmark, Belgium, Finland and Germany have confirmed the same start date.


The main changes foreseen by the new code include:

  • Higher Visa Fees
  • Extended application submission periods
  • Electronic application forms in most countries
  • Representative authorities of every Schengen Member must be present in every third-country in terms of visa admission
  • Frequent travelers with a positive visa history to benefit from visas with lengthier validity

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