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TSA To Expedite Screening for Faster Travel For Disabled Military

03 April 2013 | News

TSA To Expedite Screening for Faster Travel For Disabled Military

TSA has made great strides in advancement of security measures since 9/11 to keep travelers safe. However, some of those measures have caused some travelers to feel violated. One past example is the use of graphic airport body scanners. Now, a recent wounded military personnel’s encounter with TSA screening has sparked more change in the right direction.

The TSA will begin to expand its’ program for expedited screening through airports for inactive-duty and inactive “wounded warriors” reported CNN late last week. The expanding of the expedited screening military program comes as a result of a disabled Marine being requested to remove both of his prosthetic legs. Although he had the prosthetic legs, he had limited mobility. He could not stand of walk on his own merit. The TSA screener, however, asked the Marine to stand or walk, so they could perform examination on the wheelchair. After putting the prosthetic legs back on, he was put through the same screening process at another point while pursuing to travel. The TSA screener denies the allegations.

TSA will now include within its’ military expedited screening program all active-duty and also what they call inactive “wounded warriors”. They will have the same expediting screening privileges as active-duty, uniformed military personnel. The process for wounded warriors will be to contact TSA via e-mail or phone before their flight, in which they will have similar benefits to the TSA Precheck Program. The program allows them to keep on certain apparel such as shoes and hats. TSA also desires to provide “curb to gate” service to all wounded warriors as well.

TSA Deputy Administrator John Halinski stated, “In recognition of the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform, we have revised our screening requirements to allow expedited screening for this trusted group of citizens”. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard was said to be pleased with the TSA changes.

There are other screening changes TSA has plans to make in 2013, which involve their scanning devices. They will remove airport body scanners that reveal graphic images of travelers’ bodies in June. Travelers felt the body scanners were a violation of privacy. TSA has pursued to solve the problem with the backscatter machines. There are 174 backscatter machines in 30 airports that are expected to be removed. Currently, 170 airports are using the millimeter wave machines. Traveling will become quicker and easier through the airport.

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