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Britain To Offer Same-Day Visa To Indian Businessmen And Students

27 February 2013 | News

Britain To Offer Same-Day Visa To Indian Businessmen And Students

Getting a visa ordinarily could take some time receive, however, countries are pursuing to make the visa process faster and faster. Britain is one of them and has even announced they will offer visas in the same day.

The Indo Asian News Service has reported British Prime Minister David Cameron announced a new same-day visa for India. The new visa is geared to attract more Indian businessmen and investors to Britain. “We have the biggest visa operations anywhere in the world right here in India. I announce that we are going to introduce for businesses a ‘same-day visa’ service to those who want to come and invest in our country,” said Cameron while in Mumbai. This is a strategic move by Britain and may prove to pay off.

The British economy is beginning to shows signs of recovery and they are extending their hand to India. “We want the Indian government to continue to open up trade barriers and make it easier to do business here. We have to ensure that just as we welcome the Indian investments into Britain, it is easier for British companies like banking, retail and others to invest in this vibrant and fast growing economy,” Cameron said. Britain is also looking to reduce trade barriers between the two countries as well.Prime Minister Cameron also stated there will be no limit to the entry of Indian students into Britain to study at its’ universities and schools. Indian students will be free to stay in Britain at any length of time and work in graduate-level jobs after they complete all qualifications to remain there. This is a big step for Britain, as the country is pursuing to strengthen their partnership with India via education.

The same day visa could be ground breaking for both countries. Indian businessmen will be able to start businesses in Britain and share their expertise with one another. Cameron also referred to India as one of the great powers in the world relative to economy. This could very well be a pattern for other countries as they see the benefits of expediting their visa process.

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