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Great Tips For Holiday Travel!

06 December 2012 | News

Great Tips For Holiday Travel!

The holiday season is here and people are gearing up to visit their beloved families and friends. This is the time in which we tend to travel the most. Thanksgiving was already projected by AAA to increase for the fourth consecutive year in the US. Traveling will increase as Christmas and New Year’s Day approaches.

Travelers will also to enjoy a change of scenery right before the new year and take a vacation. Traveling in December will be congested, however, it does not have to be difficult. With the right tips, you can make the best of your holiday traveling.

Per the U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs, here are some great tips for holiday travel:

Enroll In STEP – The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is a free online service in which your family can enroll in to help the Department of State locate you in case of emergency in the U.S. or where you have traveled. You can also receive updated travel information of the country you are visiting.

Leave Copies of Itinerary, Passport Data Page, & Credit Card – Leave these important documents with your family or friends. It can help them in the event you need assistance. With leaving a credit card, they can contact your credit card company and they can actually use it to locate you.

Find The Closest U.S. Embassy Or Consulate – In case you need assistance from a consular officer, be informed where the nearest US Embassy is located in your destination country.

Minor Children Traveling – If you are traveling with children under the age of 16, double check their passport expiration dates. Passports for this age group are only valid for 5 years, instead of 10 years like adults. Children must apply for a passport in person with their parents or legal guardians. Feel free to review the requirements for children’s passports on www.travel.gov as well.

Sign And Fill In All Emergency Information On Your Passport – Make sure you have a signed, valid passport, and visa, and complete the emergency information on your passport. Write the contact information in pencil for easy updating in the future.

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