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How To Be Healthy While Traveling Abroad

26 September 2012 | News

How To Be Healthy While Traveling Abroad

Health is not just a part of daily life where you are, but also where you travel. Traveling within your native country is one thing, however, traveling outside of your country is another.

Having optimal health in a foreign country is very serious. The territory is unfamiliar to your body, therefore, you want to make sure you have everything you need to adapt and remain healthy. Dr Deborah Mills is the author of “Traveling Well”. She stated in a recent CNN article, “Don’t assume it’s going to be OK. You plan for your passport, your visas and you save your money, but health should be on your little checklist”. In the same article, Here are some ways you can stay healthy while traveling.

One way you can stay healthy is to first register with STEP, the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. This is a great tool to begin with because it requests information about your trip. It is used to send alerts in the country you are in. Most of all, your information is used in case of an emergency to help you. This is critical for your life overall.

You can also find out through the World Health Organization information about the health risks of a country. The WHO travel and health guide can be used and is a great resource to help you prepare for your travel. The article encourages visiting a doctor that specializes in travel health or the area you are traveling to. This way, you can be treated and get wisdom for anything you may encounter specific to your body.

Another way to be healthy is to get insurance for travel overseas. This is something you may have to discuss with your health care provider. Find out whether your current insurance covers you. If not, what is required to have travel coverage. This is very crucial to enable you if needed, to be able to visit a foreign hospital. Dr Brendan O’Brien, director of American Citizens Services with the U.S. State Department stated an emergency evacuation to the US can cost more than $50,000. Without insurance, this could be very costly, not just your health, but to your wallet. Feel free to visit the US State Department website for details on travel insurance policy providers.

Make sure you pack all your necessary medical documents and supplies. Whatever medication you normally or even rarely use, it is recommended to pack extra doses of it. Do not be caught unawares if where your are traveling does not have that specific medication or if they run out. That can result in you having to spend money to have it shipped to you right away. This can be risky in case of an emergency and you can’t wait a day without that vital medication. Also, bring things that are normal to the US, such as bandages, needles, antibiotics, etc. They may not be standard in the foreign country you are in or they may use something else not familiar to your body.

Finally, if you are sick in a country, do not hesitate to seek help as soon as possible. Diseases can surprise you in foreign countries. In the article, Dr Mills commented, ”We call malaria a ‘cliff disease.’ People don’t really feel too bad, and then all of a sudden they’re over the cliff, and they’re dead.” Therefore, it is imperative to take heed to body signals and seek help.

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