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Faster Trips Though Airport Security Is Coming

18 September 2012 | News

Faster Trips Though Airport Security Is Coming
Travellers know the drill when they go through airport security, and it all equates to long lines and a whole lot of time.  The Federal Aviation Administration is in preparation of doing something about it to make screening better.
CNN reported yesterday the International Air Transport Association (IATA), a worldwide travel industry group representing 240 airlines, hopes to make security  screening faster by implementing fingerprint or retinal screening technology to obtain boarding passes.  After which, travelers are at liberty to advance through security checkpoints non-stop.  This would make a lot of travelers very happy, especially frequent flyers.
This is an exciting new development for the travel industry.  350 people per hour went through airport checkpoints prior to 9/11.  Now, improvements since then have lowered that number significantly to 150 per hour.  The IATA is after totally eliminating long security queues.  The association has even created a video headlining their effortson their website.  The video voices their mission to the public that there is airport and intelligence technology under development coming that will change our future airport security experience.
“The goal of the checkpoint of the future is to make security even better than today but to remove those hassles and to make it streamlined and a better experience for the passenger,” said IATA Spokesman Perry Flint.  Currently, the US Transportation Security Administration Primarily utilizes the latest technology PreCheck, along with other scanners and X-ray machines for airport security.  These measures, although effective, still take time, as travelers must take off clothing, shoes, etc. throughout the process.
PreCheck has been used for more than 2.5 million passengers to minimize screening time.  It is the technology being used as we make strides to optimal security screening.  Frequent travelers can at least bypass some security measures such as checking liquids they have in their bags.  The report stated the TSA plans to expand PreCheck to 35 of the busiest airports by the end of this year.  The Federal Aviation Administration states 1.3 billion people will be flying is the US annually.  It makes sense to seek after a faster trip through airport security.
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