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DOS Authentication Office Changes

11 September 2012 | FrontPage,News

DOS Authentication Office Changes

Effective Monday, September 17, 2012

The Office of Authentications will implement a new schedule for document
review, drop-offs, pick-ups and appointments

 We will offer same-day service for individuals and Emergency third parties by appointments only.

Beginning September 17th, the Office of Authentications will begin performing document review and accepting document drop-offs between 8-9 AM, Monday – Friday (except Federal Holidays).

  • Limit of 15 documents per customer per day.
  • Only one submission a day.
  • Documents will be ready up to 72 business hours.


  • 8-9 AM, Monday-Friday (except Federal Holidays).

We will start accepting requests for appointments on September 10th, 2012.  The telephone number will be posted on September 10, 2012

(Limit one appointment a day)

Couriers, relatives and friends submitting documents on behalf of others must have written authorization/permission from the owner or originator of the documents to act on their behalf when submitting documents for review.

When the request involves:

  • Life or death emergencies (serious illness, injury or death of affected individual, immediate family member or prospective adoptee).
  • Proof of domestic or international travel plans within 24-48 hours of submission.
  • Direct support to US Federal agencies.


When:                  August 21, 2012
Where:                 Authentications Office
518 23rd Street NW
Washington, DC  20520
Time:                     2:30pm – 3:30 pm

Denitra Hawkins
Chief, Authentications Office