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US Announces New Deportation Policy

28 August 2012 | News

US Announces New Deportation Policy

With so many immigration talks in our government this year, it is priceless to now have an option for young immigrants. There is a peace of mind knowing there is now a way not be deported out of the US as a young immigrant.

CNN reported The US has announced a new deportation policy for illegal immigrants. The new deportation program applies to illegal immigrants that are under the age of 30 and have lived in the US since the age of 16. More details of the program are to come, however, young immigrants are already preparing to take advantage the opportunity. It will allow qualifying immigrants to receive a 2-year deferred deployment program, which can be renewed every two years.

Young immigrants must not only meet the age specifications, but also other requirements such as not being a criminal or a threat to US security. They must also be successful students or serve in the military. The policy does want to make sure our homeland is safe.

One requirement for young immigrants is they must actually acquire a passport from their own native country. This may present challenges because some immigrants, such as a Mexican teen in the report, can not hardly speak his native Mexican language, let alone know how to obtain a passport from the Mexican Government. They may not even have a birth certificate either. Some don’t even know their fathers, which Mexican law requires for a passport, a birth certificate and finger prints of both parents. The Mexican consulates in the US have stated they will help those that qualify, but have issues with getting their passport or document legalizations.

All 50 consulates in the US have information on the new program and are available for any illegal that desire to get started. With support from Latino leaders and even Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, this new policy appears to be going in the right direction for an ultimate immigration resolve.

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