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Immigrant Entrepreneurs Have Challenges Getting Visas In US

08 August 2012 | News

Immigrant Entrepreneurs Have Challenges Getting Visas In US

Starting businesses in the US should be a relief because of job creation and the promoting of a better economy. One would think entrepreneurship would not be a struggle for immigrants with this agenda, however, it is.

Entrepreneurs are now experiencing challenges obtaining and maintaining Visas in the United States reported CNNMoney. The requirements are strict and out of reach by many immigrants. The investor visa costs $1 million, making it too expensive for most entrepreneur immigrants just starting their business. The executive visa allows entrepreneurship only if the business in the US is a subsidiary of their homeland business. The reason entrepreneurs desire to come to the US is for the best environment and market to for start-up success.

The E-2 Visa is the least challenging of them all and the most commonly sought after for start-ups. An entrepreneur can enter into the US with this visa based on an investment being made here. It can be continually renewed, however, it must be renewed every other year and provides no path to permanent residency.

The US immigration system has become downright painful in some instances. “It’s just not right and not fair. I am an American,” said Lauren Gray in the report. “I had so many plans here, so many options, so many connections. I’m going to have to learn an entire new culture. This was said in response to the Gray family discovery that their daughter, now 21 years old, can not remain under her parents’ E-2 Visa any longer. She must obtain her own visa which could take some time. Without it, she will have to return to their native country Britian. The heart-broken family moved to the US to manage a hotel and a restaurant, which positively impacted the community with more jobs.

In another instance, a family returned to Ireland to renew their visas, only to find out while there US immigration officials denied renewal. As a result, their business closed. They were able to get back in temporarily, yet what a harsh reality to experience being an immigrant entrepreneur. There is hope for the immigration system and representatives pushing to make changes. One example is Representative John Conyers who proposed a bill last month that would offer green cards to entrepreneurs with E-2 Visas who hire at least five Americans. Many agree it needs to be fixed and this is a major step in the right direction.

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