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I Have A Damaged Passport?

11 April 2012 | News

I Have A Damaged Passport?

During the course of much travel, it is not uncommon to get water stains, marks, and scratches on your passport. It comes with the travel territory. But this is light compared to actual tears and rips to where your passport appears to have been mangled. You’ve had it for years and now it’s encountered serious damage.

A passport is defined as damaged by certain extents to where the passport no longer is legible or recognizable. The US State Travel Agency states if there is significant damage to the book cover, personal data, or photo, you will have to apply for a new passport. The government site also provides a list of damage types as well. These damages below include:

  • Significant tears
  • Water damage
  • Unofficial markings on the data page
  • Missing visa pages
  • A hole punch and other injuries

All of the above may require passport renewal and use of Form DS-11. In most cases of normal wear and tear, such as bending and fanning of the pages, your passport is fine. However, if you have any doubt your passport will make it, don’t try to rely upon clearance, because on your travel date, your damaged passport could get rejected.

“They took a look at our passports and said that my passport was mutilated, therefore I wasn’t able to fly”, said Kyle Gosnell in a Fox News report of how his passport was denied clearance due to damage. As a result, instead of being in Belize on vacation, his family was left stranded in Dallas. Make the proper steps and get a replacement passport.

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