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Top Valentine Day Travel Getaways

06 February 2012 | News

Top Valentine Day Travel Getaways

The new year 2012 has just begun, and already the most romantic holiday right around the corner.  Valentine’s Day is a time when many expressions of love are given through memorable gifts and the reddest of roses.  However, many individuals desire to go beyond the normal patterns of giving gifts and do some traveling.  There is nothing comparable to a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway.  If you are looking to surprise your spouse or loved one with a getaway for Valentine’s Day, there are some great places to go and see.

One place to travel on Valentine’s Day is Arizona.  The state is turning 100 years old on February 14th and there are bound to be celebrations for this momentus occasion.  The state is full of attractions, not to mention it’s sunny weather. If you are seeking to travel somewhere warm and stay in the United States, Arizona is the place.  Another destination to visit would be Churchill, Manitoba.  This year will be the most scenic time for visibility for the Northern Lights in 50 years!  It will be a wonderful experience.  Mexico, Bermuda, and Colombia are also great getaways for their beautiful beaches and low cost of travel.  Last but not least, Paris is the city of love and known all over the world for its’ romantic appeal.  With Valentine’s Day landing on a Tuesday, it’s a perfect travel time to catch some amazing mid-week deals and opportunities to save money.

Enjoying a getaway a great way to make this year a Valentine’s Day to remember.  While you are making your plans and deciding on your destination, do not forget to become informed of any visa and/or passport requirements your destination may have.  If you do not have the proper travel documents you need, companies likes Washington Express Visas can help you.  Washington Express Visas specializes in expedited Visa Services and Passport Processing and Document Authentication.

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