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Visa and Passports for the Holidays

28 November 2011 | News

Visa and Passports for the Holidays

Holiday travel is a great time, but can be an awful time if we don’t pack properly. It can be stressful when we’re trying to make our flight and things just seem to make the packing aspect of your holiday experience difficult. There are recommended ways to pack this time of year to help you travel during the holidays with ease.

First of all, take only basic outfits. Coordinate your shoes, stockings, undergarments, and other accessories you are planning to bring. Roll the clothing up as well. Keep traveling with jewelry to a minimum. Put your socks inside your shoes. Store items such as jewelry, medications, and toiletries in pouches or ziplock bags between your clothing. This makes for space maximization and easy accessibility. If you are taking a short trip, decide you are going to take your dirty laundry home and pack a large plastic bag.

A great way to pack is to get everything you are traveling with into one soft side bag. One that is roughly 9″ + 14″ + 22″ = 45″ total. This size can fit under the airline seat in front of you. It will give you a sigh of relief if any delays or unexpected flight transfer occur due to the holiday travel volume, and all you have carry is one bag to make it to your connecting flight.

Most importantly, if you are traveling outside the country, don’t forgot your passport. Your holiday travel will come to a scretching halt if you leave your passport on the nightstand at home. If you need a passport, companies like Washington Express Visas can assist you. Their expertise in expediting passport and visa services can help meet your immediate travel needs and still enjoy your holidays.