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Expedited Passport Processing

02 October 2011 | News

Expedited Passport Processing

You have been waiting to go on vacation and you have everything you need–except a passport. Getting a passport is one thing. Getting a passport fast is another. Your vacation is five days away. What can you do? There is answer for this type of dilemma. You can turn to utilizing expedited passport processing.

Passport processing from an expediter is different from the government expediting. The government can expediting timeframe is up to four weeks upon mail receipt. If this timeframe is too long, you must travel to one the only 13 regional passport agencies in the US. There are expedited fees in addition to the standard government fees. With an expediter, you can receive your passport within one day and have it in your possession the next morning. Depending on the timeframe will determine the cost. For example, some can range from $100-$300. This is in addition to the standard government fees.

Although your passport is expedited, you still are responsible for the normal aspects of the process. You have to have your passport photo, provide your ID materials (i.e. birth certificate or expired passport), and paperwork completion. You also have to have the documents vetted and sealed by a local processing center (post office or courthouse), then mailed to the expediter. After this is complete, the expediter will complete the process. You can have your passport fast!

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