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England Has New Student Visa Policy

12 October 2011 | News

England Has New Student Visa Policy

This year the British government has enacted a new student visa policy. The new policy is expected to decrease foreign student immigration by 25%. Per the home secretary, Theresa May, two of the goals of the new policy is to control immigration and protect legitimate students from poor-quality colleges. Universities did campaign against the new government policy.

Under the new student visa policy rules, a student visa will be limited to five years for study toward a bachelor’s degree or beyond. The new policy has created a no limit timeframe for students seeking a degree. There was a three-year limit on students’ study in nondegree courses, which will not change. Also, foreign students are restricted from bringing family members to Britain with them. Britain will only allow graduate students enrolled at universities and government-sponsored students to admit family members into the country with them.

Students entering Britain for degree-level courses will have to demonstrate a higher level of proficiency in English and can be refused if they cannot speak English without an interpreter. Also, the Post-Study Work Route gives students two years to remain in Britain and seek jobs after their programs end. This has been eliminated. Only university and public “further education” college students will retain the right to work while pursuing their studies, but all other students will be prohibited from seeking employment. Only graduates with an offer of a skilled job from a sponsoring employer will be allowed to remain in Britain to work once they have finished their studies.

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