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Document Legalization – Apostille for Hague & Non Hague Countries

29 August 2011 | FrontPage,News

Document Legalization – Apostille for Hague & Non Hague Countries

Document Legalization for Non-Hague nations

Some countries are not a party to the Hague convention.  The legalization process for these countries is lengthier than for Hague nations.  There are slight variations depending on country.  For instance, China requires a legalization form (G-1) to be filled out.  Other countries do not.  Some countries require an additional step, such as Chamber of Commerce certification.  In general though, legalization for Non-Hague nations is a four step process:

  • Notarization,
  •  Authentication of Notary signature.  This is usually done by the State Secretary of State.  (In some cases, Notary signature is authenticated by the County Clerk.),
  •  U.S. Secretary of State Certification,
  • Consular legalization at the Embassy.

Document Legalization for Participating Hague nations/Apostille

Some nations are a party to the 1961 Hague Convention abolishing the requirement for legalization for foreign public documents.  Documents for use in these nations are Apostilled and the legalization process is more streamlined.  Again, there are slight variations depending on the country, but in general it is a two step process:

  • Notarization,
  •  Apostille by the proper authority in the State or territory where the document is notarized.  This is normally done by the State Secretary of State.