What is Document Legalization?

“Document Legalization and Authentication” is the process by which the U.S. Department of State or other federal and state entities certify that a particular document is authentic so that a foreign country’s legal system will recognize it as valid and with full legal effect. Because the U.S. Department of State, other federal and state entities and many of the world’s embassies are located here in Washington DC, much of the legalization and authentication processing for U. S. businesses takes place here. Many companies with international dealings outsource this important legal work to their outside law firms and some DC firms use staff such as paralegals to manage the process.  However, many firms are finding that it is more cost effective and convenient to rely on the expertise of an outside agency like Washington Express Visas.  In addition to expediting travel visas, the Washington Express Visas staff are experts at obtaining authenticated documents for Washington DC’s largest law firms as well as U.S. Fortune 100 companies.

Washington Express Visas is a business to business, full service visa and document legalization agency.  Unlike most visa and document processing companies, Washington Express Visas exclusively serves a corporate and law firm clientele and not consumers.  This ensures that the agent who fields your call will be an expert and not an order taker, and will have time to advise you in real time.

We routinely authenticate the following documents:

  • Industrial Standard Compliance Credentialing Certificates
  • FDA Documentation
  • Medical Documentation
  • Analysis of Ingredient Certificates
  • Certificates to Foreign Governments
  • Free Sales Certificates
  • Patent & Trademark Registrations
  • Agency Agreements & Powers of Attorney
  • Commercial Invoices
  • Certificates of Origin and Packing Lists
  • Assignments


Washington Express Visas also obtains certified personal and legal documents for international students and teaching candidates and their families who are moving outside the United States. The legal documentation process can be confusing and time consuming for students because many of these documents need to be certified and approved by governmental authorities at both the state and federal levels.Our goal is to serve as your complete corporate resource for visas and document legalization. Please don’t hesitate to call us with questions.  We will be happy to consult with you even if we aren’t able to assist with your matter.