New Passport (Minors under 16)

*Due to the limited number of submissions accepted by the US Passport Office, please contact our office to reserve your slot prior to mailing your passport. Submission slots are filled on a first come, first served basis.

Requirements for applying for a NEW U.S. Passport (for minors under 16):

  • You are applying for a U.S. passport for the first time
  • You are a minor under the age of 16

Step 1 – Gather required documents.

Gather and take the documents listed below to an “Acceptance Agent” at a U.S. Passport Agency. Click here to find the closest Post Office or courthouse that acts as a Passport Agency.

You must appear in person, and both parents or legal guardian must appear in person with the child. You should tell the “Acceptance Agent” that you are using an Expediting service, who will hand carry your expedited package to the Passport Agency. After they authenticate your documents, they will put ALL items in a sealed envelope. This envelope CANNOT be opened!  Make sure the “Acceptance Agent” gives you the sealed envelope once he/she completes your transaction.

1.   Proof of Citizenship. To prove your child’s citizenship, you must have an original or certified copy of his/her birth certificate or naturalization papers. If you are unable to obtain your child’s birth certificate, you may obtain a certified copy from the state that he/she was born, or you can go to to obtain information about ordering a certified copy of their birth certificate.

2.   Proof of Identity. Each parent or legal guardian must appear with the child, in person to submit the required documents and application for a U.S. passport.  Both parents are required to show a valid state-issued Driver’s License with photo or a state-issued ID. Military ID or Official government ID issued more than 6 months ago are also acceptable forms of identity.The “Acceptance Agent” will witness the signature of both parents, or legal guardian, and the child.  Your name must appear on the child’s birth certificate.  If you are the child’s legal guardian, make sure you have the required, notarized court ordered, original documentation that grants you permission to act on his/her behalf.  If only one parent can appear before the “Acceptance Agent” then the absent parent must submit a written, signed and notarized Statement of Consent DS-3053.  This signed, notarized statement gives authorization (from the absent parent) that the child be issued a passport.  This authorization is strictly enforced for the protection of children.  Please call us if you have a unique situation that you need direction with.

3.   State Department Application. The U.S. Passport Agency now requires all applications for a U.S. Passport to be typed for submission. This provides the ability for a 2D-barcode to be printed on the form, which allows the State Department to scan your information into their database, thus making processing your application faster. Once you have entered your information onto the application through the State Department’s website, click “Create Form”, which will prepare your application for printing. Print two (2) copies of this application. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN, you will need to sign in front of the “Acceptance Agent”! Please click here to access the DS-11 online application.

4.   Two (2) Passport Photos. Two (2) identical passport-size (2″x2″) photos. Requirements for photos:

*Pale or white background.
*Full face, front view, no glasses.
*The photos must be identical and taken in the last 6 months.
*Do not wear a hat unless for religious reasons (if so, please include an explanation).
*Wear normal day-to-day attire. Do not wear uniforms.
*If you normally wear a wig or hearing aid, wear them for the photo.


*Photo studios and pharmacies are well prepared to do passport photos for you. It’s much more effective to get good passport photos from a pharmacy, photo studio or post office rather than try to do it yourself.

Step 2 – Order Form, Authorization Form, Shipping, and Service.

1.   Washington Express Visas Passport Order Form. Please click here to fill out a Washington Express Visas Passport Request Form. If payment for the passport is enclosed in the sealed envelope by the Acceptance Agent, indicate the amount on this form under special instructions.  Do not have it sealed in the envelope. Also, a photo copy of the documents included in the sealed envelope should be placed on the outside, for review purposes.

2.   Washington Express Visas Passport Authorization Form. Please click here and fill out 2 copies. This form gives Washington Express Visas’ submission affiliate, Duke’s Visa Services, permission to submit your hand-carried sealed expedited envelope to the Washington, DC Passport Agency on your behalf. The State Department requires that it be an original signature, in blue ink, or it may be rejected. Xerox copies or faxed signatures will be rejected. Acceptance Agent will seal 1 copy with your application.  We need an additional copy to submit which must not be sealed with your application.

3.   Shipment. Please send the sealed envelope from the “Acceptance Agent”, the Washington Express Visas Authorization Form, and the Washington Express Visas Passport Order Form to our office at the address below via Fed/Ex or UPS so you can track your documents:

Forward Documents to:

Washington Express Visas
1725 DeSales St. NW #808
Washington, D.C. 20036

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4.   Washington Express Visas Fee. Washington Express Visas’ service fee is $299.

5.   State Department Fee. State Department service fee is $170.

Our passport processing specialists are experts in the field, and are able to accomplish
the entire process in days, instead of the weeks or months it would normally take.